Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Scarfy and beever

We have two cats called scarfy and beever.scarfy is tabby and beever is a ginger tom we got them last year.they catch birds a lot and some times they get mice beever is really fat and fluffy scarfy is snugly and soft and he is also thin they are both boys and we got them from the SPCA(beever hardy ever comes in the house thats why there are not many photos of him)

    scarfy and beever 

                                                                                   scarfy and beever (beever is head butting scarfy)                                                
          scarfy and my dad                            


Me and beever 


  1. Grate post.i like cats to.

  2. Future photographer Sadie!
    They are getting bigger...
    Your photos are awesome,I love Scarfy the best because he likes relaxing in the weirdest wackiest places!
    Well done Sadie,good blog post choice!

    1. yeah scarfy dose sleep in really wacky weird places one time he was sleeping on top of the washing machine beside the cat biscuits he really was relaxing.

      scarfy says thank you for loving him the most:)

    2. don't forget I love Beaver too!

  3. Wow Sadie!
    I can't believe that you have two cat's!
    You are so lucky!
    The first thing I noticed on this blog
    is that the cat's are nearly totally different!
    Scarfy Beever
    size: skinny fat
    color:grey and white ginger
    habitat:inside & out nearly only outside.
    softness: very doesn't say.
    Get what I mean?
    any way great blog post sadie keep up the awesome work!!!!
    from Naomi ;P

    1. You should see them Naomi, they are soo soft and cuddly!

    2. Beever is softer than Scarfy but Scarfy is soft.

  4. wow sadie i only have one cat called jimmy and he is very fat and fluffy he is black and white

  5. you have soo cute cat Sadie

  6. Great work Sadie what Cat do you like more Scarfy or Beever? my favorite picture was the one with Scarfy when he was on the window that is funny. How old are they? and what age did you get them at? I have had 2 cats and their names were Chichi and Smooch they were both ginger we got 1 in Fiji and 1 in New Zealand but they both died sadly. have you had any more Cats other than the ones you have now?

  7. Great work sadie i love cats to my favorite cats are the big white fluffy ones