Tuesday, May 30, 2017

sailing on water in a boat

Sailing on a boat in the water what could be better. I really want to sail but I cant I don't have a boat. But if I could I would sail every day with Christina we would sail all the way around the world. Dinner would be cooked on a cooker in a boat waves would hit the side of a boat. Every night we would snuggle into our sleeping bags all cozy in small spaces where we had to sleep. The ship's cat  prowls around the boat.And the boat would flow with the waves. We could fall down with no sea legs.And we were sea sick over the bow. Then the boat hits an island we get out and give the island a name wild cat island we call it .Christina gets us some spades we start to dig looking for treasure it starts to get dark we made a tent and crawl in and go to sleep.We wake early and start digging  suddenly the spade hits something its treasure!!we load it into the boat.Christina makes lunch then we get ready to sail since we spotted another ship heading towards the island the pirates were coming to kill us all I shouted even though there was only me and Christina on the island were going to sail home at night but the ship was after us we panicked then we saw Nixie island Christina sailed our ship or boat round the island to hide we saw the big mast with all its sails blowing in the wind the ships cat meowed and went under the deck into the galley where there was food we set sail for home cause the ship lost us we arrived home 3 days later  both of our mums were waiting looking red in the face our dads looked calm because we told them we were going to sea.WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!! shouted my mum you could of been killed relax mum I said  the dads knew well they never told us said Christina's mum giving the dads a mean look the dads went as red as red could be with embarrassment  well you done it now said the mums never mind I said   

                              Ships cat



Monday, May 15, 2017

Free choice writing

The creepy cat


Ghost cat
Creeping around
Going under ground
Prowling around on halloween
Prowling in his underground dead city
Hissing through the dark cold night
Scaring people and listening to their scream
Creepy cat

By Sadie  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cyclone cook

Cyclone Cook
My family was packing for Taupo .I turned on the TV. There was a warning not to travel then a big gust of wind blew ….CRACK! A huge branch fell onto the washing line.The cat flap sounded and two cats sprinted through our house.The rain pelted down onto the roof of our house and the wind made the chimney roar I listened.Bang there was a noise of thunder.It sounded like the earth was cracking we phoned our grandmother to tell her that we couldn't go to hers until the next day.I wondered how my dad was doing at night shift That night I slept in mum and dad's bed because I was scared.Cyclone_cook.jpg