Friday, July 28, 2017

day 9

today we went to flip out I jumped on all of the trampolines my favorite trampolines was were the big ones after flip out went to a cafe for morning tea then we went to mirte ten to get something for the chairs then we went home to make dinner    
I have to skip the last few days of the holidays because they were so boring

My holiday day 7 and day 8

The next day we went to friend's house I sat and listened to the grown ups  we stayed there for ages and ages the I went on the trampoline and then back inside for a drink of water.

The next day we went for a bike ride to hamona we started at Clive and went along the cycle path along the sea front then we got to the big bride went crossed it was a bit scary there was the cars and the water when we got across the bridge  we went down another cycle path then we got hamona we went to the shops and got some hot chips and a ice cream then we set off again we crossed the bridge and went down the path way to Clive then we went straight home

My holiday day 6

The next day we sat around watching TV and playing and tiding and waited for mum to get back from work

On Sunday I jumped on the trampoline waiting to do some thing in the afternoon me and dad went on a bike ride we went up Copeland road and onto riversley road  and down another road and then followed the train track to the traffic lights then we road down the busy road and then ended up in the country then we went down a dead end road so then we went back down to tollemache road and a long there then we were back on park road and then on Copeland road where we lived  

my holiday day 5

The next day we were going home we stopped at the mall to get mum some chocolate because she didn't come when we were at levin we stopped to get some fish and chips and a drink when we had the fish and chips we eat them when we got to the big mountain we drove down the old road we saw snow on the sides of the roads then we saw the manawatu gorge we drove passed it and came to wood vile we didn't stop there but we stopped at dannevirke to play in the snow that was in the park we threw snowballs at each other  and when I tried to run I fell in the snow when we got home we had to wait for mum

My holiday day 4

The next day was wet so we didn't do much we stayed home and played then we went to the mall and got sushi then when we were going to go home I asked if I could go on the massage chair when dad put the coin in the chair started it felt like it was killing me when I tried to get out the chair would not let go of me then we went home  

My holiday day 3

The next day we went to see the parade we walked to the tawa train station we got on the train then we got to the train station in wellington then we walked to the beehive (the parliament building) and waited for the parade to start when it started we waved our flags with all the other people  the america's cup was so shiny to looked wet then they started to move we ran to another part I was within ten feet of the shiny cup after the parade we went to new world and got some sausages and chips then we went home

My holiday day 2

I just had to skip yesterday it was so boring Today we are going to wellington to see the america's cup parade which everyone said was New Zealand's cup.On the way there I looked out of the window we stopped to get something to eat at waipukurau then we went to new world in kapti then we drove on to wellington we arrived at my uncle peter and aunty sally's house only uncle peter and Philip were there.

My Holiday

Today the first thing I did was go to hockey against MKK they bet us easy I didn't really enjoy it because my throat was hurting but I got through it all right.¨Next thing I did was go home to bed and lie down for a bit and then played with my little brother Marcus¨My mum told us to put the bed sheets back on her bed so then we did it.

¨I was feeling sick so for the rest of my afternoon me and my brother lay on the bed watching TV¨.we were also watching dad break the little deck of concrete after what felt like hours of TV we went outside on the trampoline then to watch mum and dad.Then we went inside.      

Cold poem

It is cold.
So cold.
Birds freeze and fall out the sky,
Ants can't walk away with food ,
Cat's get icicles on their whiskers
It is so cold,
That hedgehogs have kept hibernating,
It is so frosty and wet,
Butterflies stop fluttering  
The cold cars refuse to start
It is so foggy and frosty,
The grass gets frostbite
The frozen families try to keep warm,
cars zoom down icy roads
And People gaze at icy fields
It's stormy and raining then it's silent and still.

Sadie Matich

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Matariki Flag

Last week I made my Matariki flag for Matariki we had to put stuff on that we wanted to improve and learn more about for my flag I put lots of things that I want improve like the keyboard, swimming,rollerblading and reading.

                                                       photos of my flag (both sides)