Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Waka writing

Waka Art

For my family I put six people. For my mum I put a blend of pink and orange because she loves oranges and pink reminds her of me because I looked like a piglet  when I was born.For my dad I put blue and green and blended them together because he likes nature and being in the outdoors . For my brother just plain blue with no blended colors as he loves the water .For me I did purple because it's a dark color and dark colors remind the night. I like to have sleepovers and midnight feast at night  . For scarfy and Beever I did black and ginger because Scarfy looks like slinky malinky and follows us like a shadow and Beever is fuzzy and furry like the sun. I put a big purple cat on my waka art because I like purple and also I love cats.I put a drawing of the beach on my art because I like to swim in the sea and go boogie boarding.I put some trees with birds on because I like trees and birds because their part of nature.I put drawing on my art because I like to draw.I put a big orange S on because I like the letter S because S is the first letter of my name.